Aquarius dating a sagittarius

Nor is she the passionate type. A Sagittarius Man A Sagittarius man is an honest and truthful person, sometimes blatantly so. He enjoys anything or anyone that excites his physical, emotional, and intellectual self. Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter , he has vitality, hope, optimism, and faith, and often appears to be the luckiest and happiest guy around.

In Romantic Relationships Often referred to as the bachelor of the zodiac, a Sagittarius man is engaging, flirtatious by nature, and also quite romantic.

The Dream Team Aquarius is the fixed air sign , Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign. An Aquarian is a future-oriented abstract thinker whose ideas are firmly set.

A Sagittarian is an expansive thinker who openly explores a multitude of ideas. When Aquarius and Sagittarius team up, the relationship formed will be friendly, positive, enthusiastic, intellectually adventurous, and innovative. The Aquarian woman provides intellect and inventiveness. The Sagittarian man provides a wondering mind and a sense of adventure. When they put their heads together, they are ingenious, creative, and imaginative. Friendship and mind play are the foundations of their relationship, and its lifeblood is adventure, travel, learning, and dialogue.

Qualities They Share Put an Aquarian and Sagittarian together, and you have an experimental pair who share many edgy qualities. Have no problem breaking the rules to make life interesting Love socializing, entertainment, and sporting events Have outgoing natures, are intelligent, fair-minded, and are open to living an unconventional life Are independent and cherish their freedom, perhaps more than they cherish relationships Have similar ideas about love and life Are willing to give the other plenty of breathing room Sexual Adventures Their sex life will be more fiery and electric than emotional.

Neither is the mushy emotional type of sexual partner who enjoys cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Both prefer hard, straightforward sex filled with fun, excitement, and diversity. He considers sex an adventure; she considers sex experiential, and both are willing to try anything. Sexual exploration and experimentation is the name of the game these two play when they jump in the sack together.

No Strings Attached Intimacy Though they have much in common, the no-strings-attached intimacy that suits them both so well is also likely to be the biggest issue an Aquarian woman and a Sagittarian man face. For this couple to become involved in a relationship, as well as for it to be lasting, they must strive to balance their need for independence with the intimacy a healthy relationship requires. Which means it will be imperative for both to give priority to the relationship and make it just as important as the need for personal independence.

Friends First and Always An Aquarius woman and Sagittarius man understand each other in a way others might not. Together, they are an are an interesting pair who have a lot in common.

Their friendship can last forever, but long term survival of a relationship between two such freedom-loving individuals will be tricky. However, if they can find the right balance between independence and intimacy, an Aquarian and Sagittarius relationship will remain forever young and exciting.

Sun Sign Compatibility Sun sign compatibility is fun, and you can learn a lot about the dynamics of a relationship, but the relationship between an Aquarius woman and a Sagittarius man involves much more than just their Sun signs. Was this page useful?

Aquarius signs don't mind hooking up on a first date, but it is not a sign of settling down. Sagittarius may just be tagged as a friend with benefits. To attract Aquarius, have patience with their episodes of detachment. Sagittarius is ruled by the Planet Jupiter and Aquarius is ruled by the Planets Saturn and Uranus. These three Planets form a sort of cycle that typifies the Sagittarius-Aquarius relationship, especially their ability to see eye-to-eye. Uranus is the Planet of new ideas and creativity; itís from this Planet that Aquarius gets its grandiose ideas.

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