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The Cathedral of Learning , the engineering or midsection of the University of Pittsburgh campus, and the Craig Street business district are in North Oakland. Many students at the University of Pittsburgh who decide to live off-campus reside in this neighborhood. Many of its homes are historic masonry structures dating from the turn of the century. The area is often mistakenly called South Oakland.

Its Main Business District runs along Forbes and Fifth Avenue, and contains a diversity of restaurants, retailers, and financial services. Smaller business districts in Central Oakland provide additional dining options along Atwood Street and Semple Street.

It is also the location of the relatively isolated and historic neighborhood of Panther Hollow which runs along Boundary Street in Junction Hollow as well as the Oakland Square Historic District. The neighborhood is split between a riverfront flood plain to the southwest and a plateau to the northeast. The plateau is divided into two primarily residential areas which are separated from one another by Bates Street, which runs up a valley from the flood plain to the plateau.

The residents of the neighborhood on the north side of Bates Avenue call their neighborhood Oakcliffe. The flood plain was previously packed with industrial sites such as the Pittsburgh Works Consolidated Gas Co. Some residents of Central Oakland think of their neighborhood as being part of South Oakland.

However, the border between Central Oakland and South Oakland is further south than they believe. Articles in some news media have made this error; for example, a column about street cleanliness near the University of Pittsburgh used the term "South Oakland" to describe an area entirely within the boundaries of Central Oakland.

While it is commonly considered to be in South Oakland, it is actually the heart of Central Oakland. South Oakland was the childhood home of Andy Warhol , and later the residence of fellow pop artist Keith Haring. Haring had his first art show while living in Oakland. Dan Marino Field on Frazier Street was named in honor of its native son. Although they were not contemporaries, Warhol and Marino grew up on the same block with their former houses only a few doors apart.

The area got its name from the abundance of oak trees found on the farm of William Eichenbaum, who settled there in Oakland developed rapidly following the Great Fire of in Downtown Pittsburgh, with many people moving out to suburban territory.

By , there was considerable commercial development along Fifth Avenue. Officials bought another acres from her for "Schenley Park. At Schenley Plaza, industrialist Andrew Carnegie built a library, museum and concert hall complex, which opened in In , Teddy Roosevelt visited the neighborhood. Mellon to conduct industrial research. The University of Pittsburgh, which is heir to the Pittsburgh Academy that was incorporated in , relocated to Oakland in from its campus that was then in Allegheny.

Baseball fans might know Oakland for the beloved Forbes Field , which was built in as the third home to the Pittsburgh Pirates and first home to the Pittsburgh Steelers. While Forbes Field was closed in , some remnants of the ballpark still stand. The Decade nightclub was a staple of the neighborhood in the s and s. North Oakland also runs catty-corner without a direct border with Lower Lawrenceville to the north with its meeting point in the middle of the Bloomfield Bridge. South Oakland has six land borders, including the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Central Oakland to the northeast, Squirrel Hill South to the east, Greenfield to the southeast, Hazelwood to the south-southeast, Bluff to the west, and West Oakland to the northwest.

West Oakland has six borders with the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of North Oakland to the northeast, Central Oakland to the southeast, South Oakland to the south and south-southeast, Bluff to the southwest, and the Crawford-Roberts and Terrace Village regions of the Hill District to the west and northwest, respectively.

The history of Pittsburgh began with centuries of Native American civilization in the modern Pittsburgh region, known as "Dionde:ga'" in the Seneca language.' Eventually French and British explorers encountered the strategic confluence where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers meet to form the Ohio, which leads to the Mississippi . Pittsburgh Bloggers is a searchable directory of blogs in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. All blogs in the region are welcome. Listing is free.

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