Maplestory 2 release date

Gatling Fire Active Required Level: Every successful hit heals 3 SP. Every successful hit heals 5 SP. Flame Thrower Active Required Level: You can hold down the key to and move with the arrow keys to pan the direction of the fire. Grenade Active Required Level: Throw two grenades on the ground at a 4. Blast Jump Action Required Level: Use 2 EP to push yourself back 4.

Satellite Active Required Level: Summons a drone that remains by your side for 10 seconds. If you hit a target that is marked by Lock On, the beam will also generate a field lasting for 5 seconds, dealing electric damage in the affected area each second. If no targets marked by Lock On can be attacked, the closest target will be prioritized. Rocket Launcher Active Required Level: Use 40 SP to attack an enemy within 9m in front of you while recoiling yourself.

Use 30 SP to attack an enemy within 9m in front of you while recoiling yourself. Meltdown Passive Required Level: This effect can stack up to 3 times. Homing Missle Active Required Level: Use 20 SP to launch 3 homing missiles.

The missiles will fly everywhere in 7. Use 20 SP to launch 5 homing missiles. Body Armor Passive Wear protective clothing and protective equipment in advanced materials, physical damage is reduced.

Lock On Active Required Level: Each use can only mark 1 target, but more targets can be marked at the same time with multiple uses.

Check out all the latest news and updates in MapleStory 2. LMAO MapleStory 2 will be short lived in NA, Everyone hype it up for awhile people who left GMS will come back to try it out after maybe 90 days the hype will die out and people will return to GMS. Go a head believe what YOU want the sad fact about why MapleStory population is declining for is because a lot of the people who played are now.

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