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There is definitely discussion going on about the type of relationship you mentioned and others types as well. I hope to have them out in the near future. However, as a single woman, this article made me sad. It put shame on me for wanting healthy friendships with the people in my life believe me, at my age of 33, all of my co-workers and friends are married , and felt accusatory: They are healthy, normal, pure, loving, Christ-honoring friendships.

These men have helped me with a car problem, offered to install a flood light on my back porch, hooked up a router for my internet. We are brothers and sisters in Christ and need healthy relationships with one another. Bryan Lindsay, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your first statement was the main point of the article. This is of course wrong, and my goal was to make men aware of those facts and provide tools for keeping their marriage relationship safe and strong.

I apologize if this article was accusatory in any way. That was not the intent. See above paragraph again.

Finally, I think it is great that you have good relationships with married couples, including the men. You must keep in mind that you are talking about married couples who are your close friends. You have built a trust with both spouses, which allows for more personal connections. Trust can certainly change things, but the married man must still be careful. Through all of this, we can still have healthy relationships. Thank you again for adding your thoughts.

Lindsay Thanks for your kind reply, Bryan. Yes, trust definitely makes a HUGE difference, as well as the fact that in my circle of friends and co-workers, we are all Christians as opposed to a secular workplace, where it is probably much more difficult. And yes, it would be inappropriate for you to do those tasks without your wife present, even if trust has been built.

Leo I agreed with your initial thoughts, too. I dislike the idea that as a married man married for one year , I now have to act differently. I think people should be the same people they were before they were married…as long as everything is above board Lauren Varnadore Well said, Leo.

Marriage comes with a great deal of responsibility and I believe that is one of his major points. There are probably a number of things you do differently now, than when you were 16, so I look at this article in a similar way. This is not by any means recommending you change your personality, but rather be more aware of yourself around vulnerabilities. The biggest misconception I think I see in people when they get married they expect to never see attractive people again, which is so untrue, in my opinion.

The commitment of marriage is not saying you will never be attracted to anyone else ever again, but rather a commitment to uphold vows and guard your heart and eyes so that you remain devoted to one person.

This is why openness and trust, as I believe Lindsay mentioned is extremely important. I take this article to raise the question of when you do encounter those attractive people who are not your spouse what are you going to do?

When I clicked the link to this I actually thought what was I thinking?! Instead, it was nearly the opposite. That can be done chastely. Bryan Joseph, thank you for adding your thoughts and reply.

I feel it would not be wise of me to say to much in response since you suggested that you are a marriage counselor, you know the state of marriage and the problems most likely much better than myself. I do, however, feel your choice of words were much more extreme than what was represented in the article. I do agree that married men need to be respectful of other women.

Those attitudes express a married man who is publicly able to handle himself around other women. In closing, I believe this article has already helped many men and marriages that might have been in trouble. May we all not forget that. If you feel there is much more to the process in dealing with single women as you say, I would be willing to work with you on a possible future article.

If interested, lets take this offline and use the Contact page at the top right corner. Thank you again for expressing your thoughts. Lauren Varnadore Bryan, as a single, attractive Christian woman, I can tell you that his choice of words was not extreme. Bryan Thank you for sharing and I do agree. Married men should be cautious around all women that are not their wife. Some more then others. I do agree that this applies to married women as well, and I hope to have another post out soon that deals specifically with the relationship of married men to married women.

I believe there are some different factors to apply in that type of relationship. Wade Fair I feel that this should be married people! I am happily married and have been for 10 years.

If the other person is married or not you should have the self control to do all the above, because that is what being married is all about! It is how she chooses to handle the situation that changes the outcome. The women are all out to get you and ruin your marriage! If I may, these are things I do to keep ME focused. No assumptions about other people.

This is such a critical message that BOTH genders must take into consideration. I see so many male-bashing posts on social networks that my head spins. I have personally known women who have either cheated on their husbands, stolen from their husbands, flirted with other men single and married while married to their husbands, even leave their husbands for another man who is either married, or single, or in a crumbling relationship.

Men are not exempt from feelings and emotions, no more or less than woman are, and women are not exempt from desires of cheating no more or less than men are. His advice would also apply to women if he were writing to them, but there apparently is a rather significant difference in the ways that men and women enter in to friendships, relationships; i. Peter mentions guidance for women, although not specifically about their eyes. Rhemma Payne I agree! I am a single woman and loved this article and passed along to other single women.

I took no offense to this article and rather found encouragement from it! Alden, thank you for adding your thoughts. I appreciate your insight, confirmation and wisdom. After Adam accepted the offer from Eve, God turned His attention from Eve and confronted Adam, who promptly blamed Eve, and then had the temerity to blame God Himself for giving Eve to him as his wife!

This pattern of mankind to defer responsibility to someone else has been repeated ad nauseum ever since. If and after we have become His children, we are frequently guilty of disobeying His commands or falling short of His glory, and need our fellowship restored through our confession acknowledgment of our sin s.

Please know I do not criticize in saying this. My strange sense of humor. No, you see,that is not what happened in the garden. We see the great love story here. And by the way that beguiled is used instead of simply deceive, from exapatao and deleazo, this is a complete and thorough deception, from before their meeting. There was a predatory element here, and the target of course was Adam, through Eve.

We must forget the men and women of today, and all trhe teachings of psychology philosophy etc because thehy are from a dying world and have nothing to do with God. We cannot have an understanding in this way. Just look simply and see. She is the one who removed the loneliness that Adam suffered from. She was the perfect o I have a great joke about that too companion, and understood Adam in ways that no one else could.

How awesome and powerful thsi relationship was. When Eve was beguiled this was from a very powerful cold calculating weaver of images, thought, and feeling. Eve was no match, and she entered into death. Adam quickly looked through the ads from other woman, and oh sorry that was on the other earth… I finish here because I am hungry. You can answer now what happened. Adam in no way was going to allow Eve to go off into death by herself.

The article made me sad in every way that you listed. I have nothing more to add to what you said. Thank you for your voice! Taj Khan Hi I need married am single christina Lindsey fellow sister in christ I am a married woman and have dealt with small tempting innocent seeming and large in my face betrayal before with my husband.

Not always knowing how to strike the balance of supporting couples is never caring for single women either. Marriage is for men. And Satan continues to vehemently tear away at this very basic union sanctioned by the One True God. All I can do is pray for a pure heart and deflect the conflict that arises from couples when behavior prompting this article arises. Thomas Anderson It comes down to knowing yourself and your weaknesses Lindsey.

Admitting those weaknesses to those close to you keeps accountability at the forefront where it should be.

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