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Clara DiNicola — Charlton Charlton continues the tradition, but the original cane went missing in A plaque recognizing the holder as the oldest citizen in Charlton is on display in the town hall. Sellew and David M. Singer joined Police Chief James A. Schwenke welcomed the officials with grace and levity. The selectmen presented a plaque bearing a photograph of Ms. She was awarded the cane a few days after her th birthday in May Chatham has presented their cane to Juliet Bernstein, age Bernstein is a well-known activist.

Chatham awarded its cane to Leola Litchfield, age In February the cane was awarded to Elizabeth Lees Craig, age Prior to that the cane had been missing for 33 years, until found in the Clough family. In , one of the selectmen purchased a duplicate of the original cane and the Historical Commission presents this cane to the holder. In , William Stevens, 93, was the oldest man in town and may have been the first recipient of the cane.

The current holder is Peg Salvani, who was years old on September 13, Ruth and Hugh Lauer received the cane as being designated as honored citizens in Steve and Joan are not the oldest citizens in Concord. Concord Journal article via Stephen Hoffman. The receipient of the cane was Fritz Kussin. Deerfield Deerfield keeps the tradition alive by presenting the cane to the oldest resident on their birthday each year.

The recipient in Deerfield receives a lapel pin, and after the ceremony the cane is returned for safekeeping in Town Hall.

We believe she first received the cane in On August 24, , Helena Marchefka, 99, was presented the cane by the Selectmen at a gathering of her family and friends. The tradition appears to have started in , but there are no other records until Awardees now receive a Boston Post Cane pin. The year-old is ambivalent about this particular distinction. Her son Jim, who lives with her, said his mother has not commented much on the coming presentation. Demetras was born on the island of Lesbos, but came to the United States with her family when she was Initially she lived in a tenement in South Boston, but she moved to the Cape after she and Ross Demetras were married in The couple, who had two sons along the way, purchased a cottage and diner in Orleans and eventually demolished it and built the Orleans Holiday Motel.

In the pair built the house where Maria continues to live. Ross died in Demetras has always been fully of energy, gardening well into her 80s and bowling into her 90s. She frequently traveled, returning to Greece and visiting Portugal, England, France and the Caribbean. One of her favorite destinations is the local Ocean State Job Lot store, her son said. Although she occasionally goes out for dinner, Jim generally cooks for them. Demetras also loves to read, in both Greek and English, particularly when the subject involves history.

Bunce, Dennis Town Clerk The Dennis cane was awarded to Margaret Barker, age The Dennis cane was awarded to Julia Doherty, age The first holder of the Dennis cane was David Chase, age Dighton Dighton continues the tradition of the cane. They believe they have the original cane the engraving is somewhat worn, but still visible. From newspaper accounts it appears that a substitute cane is used for ceremonies.

After graduating from high school in , she became a member of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ernou has walked in the sacred and secular worlds.

In , she began work as an operating room supervisor. As a young postulant, or candidate for admission into a religious order, World War II broke out. From to , she served as administrator of Madonna Manor in North Attleboro. From to , Ernou served in Taunton, as the administrator of Marian Manor. From until her retirement in , she performed administrative duties. Eleanor Cummings, age 98 by the Historical Commission. Cummings with a plaque commemorationg the event. Deslauriers is 98 years old, he will be celebrating his 99th birthday on December 27, Bleau who passed away recently at the age of Like many towns, the Douglas cane was eventually lost along with several replicas.

In an initiative was started to keep the time honored tradition alive. A display case was designed by Administrative Assistant Suzanne Kane as a way to house a replica of the cane and display recipients. Known Douglas cane recipients: John Manyak, , — May Susan Nedoroscik, , — Oct Harriet Dexter, 98, — 5-Jul Shippee Parker, , — 6-Jun Yacino, 98, May — Apr Janeczek, 96, 8-Mar — Nov Fougere, 97, Nov — Feb Ballou, 97, 7-Dec — 3-Dec Swenson, 97, Sep — Jan We look forward to hearing more about this long-lost cane.

In the Spring of the town located its lost cane in was in the possession of someone who obtained it from a past recipient. Dracut is currently deciding how to continue the tradition in their town and how their original cane will be stored.

Bennett who was 92 in was the last known recipient. Taylor came forward with the cane when the Selectmen began inquiries as to the status of the cane. Eileen Loucraft was kind enough to provide this article on the first person to be awarded the cane in Dracut: George Tully, a lifelong resident of Dunstable and dairy farmer, raised seven children with his wife, June, and served Dunstable as selectman, town moderator, fence viewer, pound keeper and surveyor of lumber, as well as serving on the Special Building committee for the Swallow Union School.

Tully was active in agricultural affairs, serving in many capacities with the Grange, the Middlesex County Farm Bureau and the United Co-operative Farmers.

With his son Charlie and grandson Charlie Jr. He has seven children, 22 grandchildren, 40 great-grandchildren, two great-great-grandchildren and many extended family members. He is 95 years old. The prior recipient of the cane was Evelyn Johnson who passed away in March at the age of Easthampton Easthampton has their original cane on display at the Council of Aging and appears to be in excellent condition.

A plaque under the case where the cane is stored lists the name and year of each recipient. The town temporarily stopped the tradition of awarding their cane in but are seeking to reinstate the ceremony in She was the first child born in the United States to immigrant parents Pellegrino and Elvira Tulimiere and had three brothers and one sister.

She has five children, 16 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren, and graduated from Mansfield Beauty School in Boston after completing two years at Jeremiah Burke High School in Dorchester. After moving to Easton 56 years ago to Washington St. Nicki was also an excellent seamstress, doing all the sewing for the ever-growing family. She is probably best known for all the volunteering she did in Easton and the surrounding area. She also served on the Easton Council on Aging.

Carol Amado said her mother was always generous with her time. After all the kids were gone and especially after Dad passed she went out and did her own thing. I just hope I have her strength and I can live as long as her and have her health.

Gay was born Gladys Smith on Dec. Gladys Gay of Easton escaped the Halifax explosion in Nova Scotia in and lived through two world wars. Kramer was first awarded the cane in Easton cane was previously presented to Anne Tyler, , in September Laura passed away in January at age Essex Essex continues the tradition. She did not marry until she was Charlie Baker and from the Senate.

Moderator: A map of hazing deaths that The Economist created from raw data kept by hcap.ga October Much more in Hazing: Destroying Young Lives. Hank Nuwer’s Chronology of Deaths Among U.S. College and High School Students as a result of hazing, initiation, and pledging-related accidents. The list has been expanded to . Dec Alice Tompkins, age , is the 23rd recipient of Marblehead’s Boston Post Cane. Proud to be a Shipyarder, she has lived nearly all her life in Marblehead. “As a girl I swam in the harbor,” she said. “My grandfather worked on Abbot Hall tower.”.

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