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Some of the experiences shared our explicit. At the time it never occurred to me he fitted into that category. It ended disastrously but it had its moments. Thanks for believing in me Arnie. I hope we get a chance to work together again in the future. So what did I like about Dr Rasta? To us Westerners, that can be hot! What is a Rasta really? Ras Tafari was the second coming of Christ. Rastafarianism is a common religion amongst black Jamaicans and deeply rooted in African culture.

Rastas eat a diet of vegetables, fruit and fish and keep their bodies, mind and soul healthy by staying active in global issues. A Rasta does not cut his hair. Rastas are famous for smoking marijuana as a symbol of religious practice.

So for the sake of this article, I have thrown the cosmetic and the real into one big cultural melting pot. Real Rastas, please do not take offence. I echo the sentiments of this guy, who said: I posted this same question on Facebook and then it got interesting! Anja echoed my thoughts: Because with their shaved heads, every Ugandan man can look the same from a distance at least when you first arrive in the country.

The Rastas stand out, they are easy to spot in the crowd. Personally, I like big hair anyway I guess us white ladies are used to guys with hair! I would try and remember each lady by their hairstyle. Back to dem Rastas and, when I asked a male Ugandan friend why do white women go for Rastas?

The Muzungu lady often falls in love with the Rasta. These girls come and go. We know Rastas have essentially unlimited experience with little white girls, so they know how to talk to them. There are no awkward silences.

They only care about whether or not she is buying him beer. I have ever hit on a mzungu chick before, but I was either too smart an African or I was not talking dumb enough. It is my unschooled and unkempt Rasta friend who scored. Does the Rasta Muzungu relationship start with drugs? Guess who the muzungu bumps into at Club Silk, Kampala?

So would this Muzungu lady date a Rasta? Despite the bullshit, the sweet talk and the dance moves can be very seductive. To entertain any other idea is craziness. Exceptions may exist but my advice? So tell me your experience? What did I say to Julia?

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