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Main characters[ edit ] Henry "Hank" Rutherford Hill voiced by Mike Judge — Hank is the main protagonist who proudly sells " propane and propane accessories" as the assistant manager at Strickland Propane , and throughout the entire series always makes a big deal about the job when everybody around Hank finds his occupation boring.

Hank is usually a well-meaning father, but is often confused and anxious towards modern trends and the antics of his friends and family members. Hank is uncomfortable with public displays of intimacy with his wife and son. He has a very difficult time saying "I love you" to any member of his family, as he thinks it is unmanly. Hank is a byproduct of a bygone era - always faithful, friendly, firm, reasonable, well-read and hard-working. Hank is a proud Texan, having grown up there. He was, however, born in a ladies room at Yankee Stadium , and spent the first three days of his life in New York City.

Her strained relationship with her mother is a source of drama for her. Peggy is a substitute teacher in Arlen, Texas, specializing in teaching Spanish despite having a terrible grasp of the language. Peggy is also a freelance newspaper columnist, notary public , an exemplary softball pitcher and a Boggle champion and has started a career in real estate.

She has a habit of adding or changing ingredients to ordinary dishes then naming them after herself. She has brown hair and typically wears glasses, an aquamarine sleeveless shirt, and denim culottes , but often wears different outfits. Although friendly, gentle, lovable, and generally well-liked, he is not very bright and often prone to making bad decisions.

He wants to seek fame as a prop comic and move to New York when he is older. Bobby displays little interest in gender roles and, although superb at golf and target shooting, dislikes team sports, often taking such classes as Home Economics and Peer Counseling, instead of more traditionally "masculine classes". Although many including Hank tend to typify him as "not right", he is romantically successful, dating Connie and other girls throughout the series.

In a funny way, mush kind of has the edge" [5] Dale Alvin Gribble A. His physical appearance was modeled after Hunter S. His greatest expertise lies in his knowledge of conspiracy theories and loopholes. Dale is paranoid about any government activity and frequently uses the alias of Rusty Shackleford to operate anonymously including having received unemployment payments from said alias.

Dale is the president of the Arlen gun club and a licensed bounty hunter. He possesses a vast collection of guns from pistols to automatic weapons and is an ardent defender of Second Amendment rights. Despite being a firearms aficionado, his aim is relatively poor and despite being knowledgeable in military matters, he is physically the weakest of the main cast and is an abject physical coward.

He is an avid UFOlogist. Dale remains oblivious to the fact that his wife, Nancy, has cheated on him with John Redcorn for fourteen years and his son Joseph is not actually his biological son. Everyone else knows but chooses not to tell him because of his total obliviousness, the loving, trusting relationship he has with Joseph and Nancy, and the fact that Dale is more of a father to Joseph than John Redcorn is, although it is implied in one of the last scenes of the final episode that Dale found out somehow and is rather unconcerned, leading to the possibility he either knew all along, Nancy told him, or he found out through other means.

Hank considers Dale a close friend, but he often gets annoyed with his schemes and conspiracies. He grew up in Louisiana with his cousin Gilbert and speaks French and English. Bill once had a bright future in the Army wanting to be a tanker , but ended up ruining his life after marrying the promiscuous Lenore. Bill is something of a masochist and is often attracted to people who abuse him; after suffering under his father and Lenore, Bill has an almost complete lack of self-worth.

He obsesses about his ex-wife, and his loneliness is a running gag on the series. He frequently tries to flirt with and win over Peggy. He is named after executive producer and writer Jim Dauterive. Jeffrey Dexter "Jeff" Boomhauer III voiced by Mike Judge — Often referred to as his surname, Boomhauer is a slim womanizer whose mutterings are hard to understand to the audience but easily understood by his friends.

A running joke is when his friends fail to understand him for some reason other than his incoherence. Boomhauer can mumble his words, but he sings clearly and speaks other languages clearly mainly French and Spanish. Boomhauer is a classic-car aficionado and owns a Dodge Coronet Super Bee in high school he owned a late s Ford Mustang nicknamed "Ms.

Sally" , and, despite his incoherent ramblings and womanizing, often displays himself to be more intelligent and philosophical than his three friends. Throughout the series it is never known what he does for a living, although it was revealed in an early episode that he was an electrical engineer but was on workers compensation.

At the end of the series finale, a badge seen in his open wallet reveals that he is a Texas Ranger. Luanne moves in with the Hills after her mother Leanne stabs Hoyt with a fork during a drunken fight which tips over their trailer. Hank initially makes frequent attempts to encourage Luanne to move out on her own, but later more-or-less accepts her as a member of the family.

She was a student at the beauty academy and later at Arlen Community College. She was often portrayed as an airhead , but was shown to be an expert mechanic in the first two seasons and is good at logic puzzles. In the 10th-season finale, Luanne revealed that she was pregnant with the child of Lucky, whom she married in the 11th-season finale.

In the 13th and final season, she has a baby girl named Gracie Margaret Kleinschmidt. Despite his disability, he eventually reached the rank of colonel in the state militia. He was immensely proud of his military service. Though his claim of fighting " nazzies " Nazis was proven false and his claim of killing "fitty [fifty] men" was dubious, his participation in several of the bloodiest battles in the Pacific Theater was confirmed and his uniform was shown to be decorated with the Medal of Honor and the Purple Heart.

Cotton himself died in episode , "Death Picks Cotton", after suffering severe burns and an allergic reaction to shrimp during a flashback at a Japanese restaurant. Didi was in Kindergarten when Hank was already an adult indicating he is older than her. Good Hank Jeffrey "G. She divorced Cotton after suffering years of verbal abuse. Hank is often over-protective of her, fearing she is too old and fragile to go out and do things on her own.

He was nicknamed "Lucky" after the settlement windfall. Although dimwitted in some aspects, Lucky has learned some facets such as basic math through life experience as opposed to formal education, and was astute enough to deduce that his father-in-law spent time in jail whereas Luanne believed the story that he works on an oil rig.

He yearned to receive his GED but only to prove he was good enough to marry Luanne. She was born in the season 13 episode "Lucky See, Monkey Do". Luanne originally wanted to name her Lasagna stating that lasagna was their favorite food while under the influence of hospital analgesics, but choosing a more conventional name after she had recovered. She is an intelligent, modern mother who only appears in the episode "Lucky See, Monkey Do". He appears in only one episode: After being released from jail, Hoyt commits a robbery and tricks Lucky into taking the blame, but he eventually confesses and is sentenced to life in prison under a three-strikes law.

Mother Platter lives in Montana with her son Hoyt. He makes only a single major appearance when Peggy, Bobby and Hank visit the family ranch. He seems to be going somewhat senile and preachy, which Hank misinterprets as old-fashion Western-style wisdom. Dusty enters the car in a demolition derby in which it is badly damaged.

Hank and Dusty make their peace after Dusty has the car repaired and installed at the Cadillac Ranch. She had a fourteen-year affair with John Redcorn, which produced her son, Joseph, although she eventually broke off the affair and became a faithful wife to Dale.

Redcorn refused to come back to her out of respect for Dale. Nancy is a former beauty queen, a fact which helped her get her job as a news anchor. Joseph starts out as an ordinary teen, but eventually grows weird and creepy—not to mention dim-witted. Joseph begins to take after Dale more than John, Nancy or even any of his friends. Joseph has a half-sister named Kate by John Redcorn having another affair , who is very similar to Joseph in personality and interests but likewise does not realize that Redcorn is their father.

Joseph is the only character of the series shown to physically mature, having grown six inches in height over the course of a summer, a more built physique, athletic prowess and having a deeper voice and a wispy mustache upon his reappearance. When Dale and Nancy renew their wedding vows 20 years afterward, Nancy arranges to invite Bug, and Dale initially suspects his odd behavior and his having a "partner" of meaning that Bug is an undercover government agent, but finally accepts the truth upon seeing Bug and his partner share a devoted kiss.

Though at one point shown to live on the family estate with his aunt and cousin in a Louisiana bayou in "A Beer Can Named Desire", he and Bill eventually wind up as the last two living Dauterives. She appears when Bill begins dating former Texas Governor Ann Richards to meddle with their relationship in " Hank and the Great Glass Elevator ", but with help from Richards, Bill is finally able to tell her off and move past her toxic influence.

Among the abuses Bill recalls from his father are having been spanked every day between the ages of 9 and 16, being called a girl and made to wear "pretty, pretty dresses", and being locked in a rabbit hutch. The wedding is later called off after Patch hires strippers for his bachelor party and frames Boomhauer for trying to break up the engagement. Patch, like Boomhauer, speaks in a fast-paced Southern gibberish. In "Three Coaches and a Bobby", Boomhauer mentions that his parents had won the lottery and moved to Florida.

Mee-Maw speaks in the same characteristic gibberish that the rest of the Boomhauers share. He frequently boasts of his superiority to the others and dreams of being far more successful than Ted Wassanasong.

Despite his arrogant attitude, Kahn seeks approval and friendship from his down-to-earth neighbors, who are accepting and tolerant of his ways. He previously worked for a defense contractor that manufactured composite ceramic armor, but was fired for spilling company secrets. After a string of job failures due to his attitude he found a new job forcing him to commute. Upon recollection of the story of how Minh and Kahn met, it is revealed that he was a former rebel and playboy whom Minh chose over the straight-laced intellectual her father set her up with.

In one episode, Kahn shows that he is a trained martial artist while getting into a fight with a few rednecks. In the episode "Just Another Manic Kahn-Day", it is revealed that Kahn has bipolar disorder which was also mentioned in the earlier episode "Lost in Myspace". It is revealed in the episode "Three Days of the Kahndo" that Kahn has a brother also living in the US with a family of his own.

Minh is a housewife who enjoys making rude comments about the neighbors, particularly Peggy. She sometimes has a snobbish attitude toward the neighbors, but is overall a more understanding parent and better neighbor than Kahn.

She is highly competitive, going so far as to cheat on The New York Times crossword puzzle. Like her husband, Minh grew up in Laos, where her father was a powerful general in the army who was not happy with her decision to marry Kahn. She once unsuccessfully tried to teach Bobby the Laotian language. She is a violin player, "A" student, and general overachiever pressured by her mother and father, who hold her to very high standards.

Though it is implied that she works hard because of her overbearing parents, in reality, she does it for herself. Connie is named after her egomaniacal father because he wanted a son. She attended Tom Landry Middle School in the meantime.

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