What to do when your crush is dating your enemy

Deffo check out my advice on how to deal with running into ur ex for the first time after a break up anyways! I broke up with my Ex Fiance in a really bad way.

He kept trying to win me back all the while he was cheating and trying to be with a new woman at the same time. He was the quintessential LIAR and one day I just became Murderous and told him he better never talk to me again after I found out he got a new lady pregnant and decided to marry her. He invokes those types of feelings. I passed his house and his car a few times when I went for my evening run. I knew he lived in Cali but I kept saying to myself..

He lives over 4 hours away. It turned out he Moved. I decided to go to the neighborhood park and sit on a swing. Just as I was about to do that…two little girls ran towards me and I hear a familiar voice…. I start walking and the first thing I wanted to do was RUN. So I stop at a gazebo…. I turn around again because I thought I was going crazy. I look and his tattoos are there and everything.

I walked across the grass super fast like a phantom! I am sure he is wondering if he imagined it too! Later I check the White Pages. It was him and his new address is literally where I was staying in a hotel! Later I planned it. When he decided to talk to me the next time I ran into him I lied to him and told him that I was permanently moving down the block.

Just to mess with him! In reality though I was just there for a week. I knew he was just as paranoid as I was! Jenny So me and my ex broke up almost two weeks ago.

He contacted me a week later and we talked about our lives and it seemed nice. But today I saw him on campus walking and he took out his phone, stared at it, and pretended not to even see me. I thought he wanted to be friends? Karen Well I bump into my ex an his new girl at a gas station today. I was exhausted with feeling committed to someone who was clearly not to me.

I was a little upset at first but tried to keep my cool. I admit that I was kind of catty when I went up to the new girl, but only bc he had actually came by a few times actually too many times to chat with me and even mentioned he came there bc he heard I was there.

Yanet te I have a class with my ex and his ex before me! My ex and I sit kinda close to each other so every time he turns around I turn away.. But when he turns the other way I turn to look at him I get super sad and get watery eyes. Kris Jenner Gets Photobombed!

At school I always have to sit in the front seat in the morning and one day there was no other empty seat up front, other than the one he was sitting in.

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