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I praise God for all of that! Nowadays nobody even in the Church likes to mention Zion because of a lack of revelation. Because the Bible says that Jesus has obtained a more excellent ministry as a mediator of a better covenant, which was established on better promises Heb 8: Wikipedia encyclopedia clearly states, Zion Hebrew: The word is found in texts dating back almost three millennia. It commonly referred to a specific mountain near Jerusalem Mount Zion , on which stood a Jebusite fortress of the same name that was conquered by David and was named the City of David.

When Moses led the Israelites from the land of Egypt, God promised that He will give to them the Canaan land which included Jerusalem if they obeyed His voice and fight for it Exodus 3: As God had promised the Israelites, when they crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land under Joshua, they conquered much of the land surrounding Jerusalem and the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin were allotted the land surrounding Jerusalem Joshua In other words, if the Israelites had been empowered by the Lord to conquer all the Canaanites at once, they would have got in to a terrible situation where the wild beasts in the forest would become very numerous due to lack of human presence, and having complete dominion over the forest lands the wild beasts would have started to kill the Israelites one by one.

David was the man whom God used to finally capture the resting place of God where the Israelites could build a temple for Him. One Zion or Two? Whenever we speak about anything in the Bible, there is one original with God in heaven. The other He has typified on earth as a model of the original in heaven. Why does God always show a model of the reality to us and not the original itself? If we are able to see the original now itself then we do not need spiritual God-materials such as faith, hope and love at all while we live on earth 1 Cor God has kept the models on earth in order for us to believe the invisible things in heaven which he has planned and created for us to enjoy right throughout our eternity ahead!

For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. Here are two important things we must understand from the above verses. Firstly, God has already prepared a fantastic, unbelievable and an incredible future which we have neither seen, nor heard, or even have entered in to our natural soulish mind. Secondly, God has already revealed to us His children who love Him, all the things which He has prepared for us.

This revelation of the Spirit came to us through His inspired word of the New Covenant to build us up to believe all the things. So we now have an authentic base to build ourselves spiritually. The entire city of David [i. Jerusalem] along with its magnificent temple which gloriously stood in times past is just a pale reflection of the original city which God Himself has built with His own hands in heaven 2 Chr 7: Here in the preceding verses we come to understand that God has already built a spiritual material city and a temple in it to dwell even before anything was ever created in heavens or on earth, from which He rules the entire universe.

This specific city was the one which Abraham was shown by God in a vision, which the Bible reveals that he also desired to dwell for eternity along with God. I believe that God is the greatest realtor in the entire world because He had planned settlement for His friends and children even before they ever came in to existence Acts God also promised Abraham that the prime spot within the capital city of God will be given to him and God assured him many times afterwards about it.

He embraced and confessed the promises of God by living with a mindset of a pilgrim and a stranger while he lived on earth by faith Heb The Bible clearly says that because these faith-men desired a better material country built by God as their permanent abode than get satisfied with the earthly ones built by men during their time of life, God became so happy to be called by their name [i.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob Matt O what a humble God we serve! It is called as new because it will be newly revealed to all mankind in the new earth only after the destruction of the old one at the end of the Millennium rule of Jesus Christ Rev This New Jerusalem will be placed by God in the centre of the new earth just like the old Jerusalem is placed in the centre of the present earth. All the faith-over comers will be able to access it in the new earth just like it is in the present earth and in the Millennium time Zech The source of this heavenly material city in the time of creation is God Himself.

In other words, God was the chief architect, builder and also the engineer behind such great awesome project. I go to prepare [i. For example, if we have already built a palace and are living in it for years, say a relatives of ours wants to come and live with us in the palace the rest of their lives.

Surely we will make sure that before they arrive in our palace, we will make room for them in a comfortable place so that once they come at the appointed time, they will be able to occupy it immediately and live with us.

This is the way Jesus is also preparing the place for us. New Jerusalem has already been built as a heavenly country to live by, and now in that place Jesus is making room for us believers to be accommodated. In other words, as the army of faith over-comers walking in the footsteps of Abraham the whole Church should be looking forward to that heavenly city which is to be occupied to the full capacity very soon Rom 4: Do you understand which permanent city the Bible is here speaking about?

It is not in the Bible and so it is of no spiritual use. You can never be so heavenly minded that you come to the point of no usefulness in the earthly realm. Such heavenly mindedness produced such a great zeal and fervor in Him that the Bible says, " Is Zion a Real Material City? Many people believe that the saints are the city of Zion. They substantiate their claim by pointing to Heb Then these verses point the new believers to the destination of the city of God they have already arrived in the spiritual realm, which is already accessible to them from their spirit-man.

God already hears, speaks and supplies to the need of all believers from His holy hill of Zion where He resides. The writer of the Book of Hebrews points out that we the saints of God on earth have come to the literal city of the living God which is in heaven because of the legal privilege we now have to connect to the city of our living God through our transcendental born again spirit-man inside us.

The spirit-man of a born again believer has the ability to literally connect and receive communication from Mount Zion itself through the Holy Spirit who connects them to the city of God where God resides 1 John 3: So only, now we do not have a God who is millions of miles away in a distant invisible heavenly hood but he is staying nearer to us than the air we breathe Is The writer of the Book of Hebrews also points out that the new believers who are on earth, by being born again have now come to Mount Zion in Heaven.

They are not the material city but a part of it Rev We also receive from the heavenly capital city of God the answers and provisions for all our needs Phil 4: Every time we pray to God we are marching upward through our spirit-man to Zion in the spiritual realm. It is truly a beautiful material city of God. This material city is prepared and expanded in construction for the saints to live throughout eternity. Apostle John saw it located in heaven and coming down from heaven at that time Rev But the eternal location will be in the new earth Rev It is not a cube as some believe, but I believe it is a broad square with a mountain as a base in which the city is built.

Secondly, the city itself has been built on the mountain. God is a mountaineer. So only He has built the capital city of the universe on a high mountain. I believe this City itself is a series of mountain hills [i. When John described this city, it was under renovation as promised by Jesus Himself, but now I believe it is all ready now and very soon Jesus will come to take away the Church which is His bride to this eternal city John The highest peak in which God resides will be miles high.

It increases step by step with a slow and steady increase to the top. It is square miles Rev The wall is miles high. This wall is not spooky spiritual thing of the figment of imagination that God has described, but material things with which the wall, city have been built. It has literal material with which the Bible describes it to have been built and fixed.

The city itself is pure gold Rev The foundations of the city wall are done with precious, costly and valuable material stones Rev The city has twelve gates, each gate designed with a huge single stone of pearl. Fourthly, the city has river, streets, gates, foundation, trees, fountain of water, glory of God as light and angels as guards in the gates as any other city in this planet earth. The river of water is clear as the crystal throughout the city Rev Fifthly, I believe that there will be a banquet hall in the midst of the city where the marriage supper will be conducted.

Jesus spoke of this banquet hall in heaven often in parables Matt 9: Even though parables are heavenly truth explained through earthly things, here the parable is exactly represented by a wedding that is going to take place after the rapture of the Church Rev The bride is symbolically represented as the Church of Jesus Christ with the bridegroom represented by Jesus Himself. Every material thing in the city will be kept fresh always by the very presence of God Rev Each street in the city will go through one gate, broadways criss-crossing each other throughout the city.

One pearly street gate is connected to each city street which is made of pure gold, like transparent glass Rev As there are twelve main outer gates mentioned, there will be twelve guarding angels with one guarding angel stationed at each one Rev There will be twelve main big broadways as there are twelve gates to the city. Sixthly, because John the Apostle in Rev I saw no temple in it, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple.

But it could not mean no literal temple as many scriptures in the other part of the Book of Revelation reaffirms that there is a literal material temple in heaven where God resides. The literal temple of God in heaven is mentioned in the city of God in all these following scriptures Rev 3: But it will be accessible to all its citizen everywhere and every time because of a spirit-connection they will have in their spirit-man. It will be like God is personally present with everyone at all times in heaven because of His glory presence present in all its citizen Is Because God is present tangibly in all the places in the city of God, He Himself will be the chief dwelling and worship place Rev 7: Because true worship in spirit and truth will take place in heaven all the time John 4: This is the reason Rev Water will be in abundance throughout the city.

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