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Edit Once, my people walked this land as gods. We worked magic that would blind you with its beauty. Now, we lurk in the deep forests and prepare for the next time you shemlen do something that upsets the balance of this world.

Arlathan Forest The " Crossroads ": Once they were an immortal race and "magic came as easily to them as breathing", with some of their spells taking years to cast and echoing for decades in an unending symphony [6]. They lived in harmony with the natural world and worshipped a pantheon of their own gods. Their magic was able to accomplish seemingly impossible feats, such as the creation of the unique, Fade -like world of the " Crossroads " and the maintenance of the magical repository of Vir Dirthara.

Elven lore holds that the first shemlen a term meaning "quick children" that was used by the ancient elves to describe the humans and denote their shorter lives [7] they encountered were tribals who came south from Par Vollen. The ancient elves grew friendly with humans, but soon discovered that breeding with humans produced only human babies, while exposure to the "quick children" caused the elves to quicken themselves.

For the first time, elves began to age and die. As a result, elven survivors were quickly enslaved and evidence of their culture was lost. The elven calendar, established with the formation of Arlathan, was then banned by the Imperium. Although its existence is recognized by modern scholars outside of Tevinter, knowledge of how elves marked the passage of time beyond a few events is now forgotten.

Click here to reveal them. Abelas reveals that Elvhenan and had not fallen due to conquest, but due to civil war. They were, in fact, immensely powerful elven mages who came to be revered as gods following the conclusion of an unknown war. The Evanuris warred among themselves, enslaved their own kin and branding them with the vallaslin , and committed unspeakable atrocities that overshadow even more modern despots. Once they murdered Mythal , whom Solas was close with and describes as the best of them, and threatened the world with their excesses, Solas sealed them away to suffer for eternity by creating the Veil.

The foundation of their civilization had been tied to the presence of the Fade, including their immortality. When the Veil was created, their cities and structures had crumbled and resulted in the deaths of many, and the elves themselves had become mortal and began to age and die.

Though humans were blamed for the elves becoming mortal, Solas was remembered for being responsible for contributing to their downfall. They called their journey to their new homeland the Long Walk. Many perished on the way, some even turned back to the Tevinter, but most continued the walk. They built their first city, Halamshiral "end of the journey" [11] , and isolated themselves from the humans.

The borders were guarded by an order named the Emerald Knights. But over the generations, and as the Chant of Light and the religion of the Maker spread throughout the cities of their human neighbors as Drakon launched his Exalted Marches and established the Orlesian Empire [13] , the diplomatic relationships between the Dales and humans soured, as the elves refused to convert. Humans claim the war with the elves began when a small elven raiding party attacked the nearby human town of Red Crossing in 2: As the Dales fell, the elves were forced to abandon their second homeland, and their culture was torn even further from them.

Many elves accepted the terms of their human aggressors, going to live in alienages inside human cities and worshipping the Maker. Those elves who resisted became the nomadic Dalish, maintaining the worship of the elven gods and continuing their efforts to recover the lost culture of Elvhenan.

However, there is still a lot of progress to be made. Even modern-day Ferelden , for example, city elves are not allowed to bear arms. Many elves are still enslaved in Tevinter , and many elves are often kidnapped, and even voluntarily, sent to Tevinter to be sold into slavery, Fereldan elves were also considered chattel and bought and sold as property during the Orlesian occupation. After the events of the Exalted Council in 9:

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