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His studies included Roman law , astronomy, astrology, the art of reckoning and the difficulties of the calendar. He learned, according to the doubtful statements of the early lives, both Greek and Hebrew. He certainly introduces many Latinized Greek words into his works. The community at Malmesbury increased, and Aldhelm was able to found two other monasteries as centres of learning, at Frome , at Somerset and at Bradford on Avon , Wiltshire. The little church of St Lawrence at Bradford on Avon dates back to his time, and may safely be regarded as his.

Aldhelm was the first Anglo-Saxon , so far as we know, to write in Latin verse, and his letter to Acircius Aldfrith or Eadfrith, king of Northumbria is a treatise on Latin prosody for the use of his countrymen. In this work he included his most famous productions, riddles in Latin hexameters. Each of them is a complete picture, and one of them runs to 83 lines.

His fame reached Italy, and at the request of Pope Sergius I he paid a visit to Rome, of which, however, there is no notice in his extant writings. On his return, bringing with him privileges for his monastery and a magnificent altar, he received a popular ovation. British Christians followed a unique system of calculation for the date of Easter and also bore a distinctive tonsure; these customs are generally associated with the practice known as Celtic Christianity. Aldhelm wrote a long and rather acrimonious letter to king Geraint of Dumnonia Geruntius achieving ultimate agreement with Rome.

He was now an old man, but he showed great activity in his new functions. The cathedral church which he built at Sherborne, though replaced later by a Norman church, is described by William of Malmesbury.

This included going into public places where he would sing hymns and passages from the gospels interspersed with bits of clowning to draw attention to his message. Aldhelm was revered as a saint after his death, with his feast day being celebrated on 25 May. An earlier edition by J. Giles , Patres eccl. After a long preface extolling the merits of virginity, he commemorates a great number of male and female saints. Aldhelm later wrote a shorter, poetic version see below. Epistola ad Acircium sive Liber de septenario, et de metris, aenigmatibus ac pedum regulis , dedicated to one Acircius, understood to be King Aldfrith of Northumbria r.

The chief source of his Epistola ad Acircium ed. De septenario, treatise on the number seven in arithmology De metris, treatise on metre, including the Enigmata see below. De pedum regulis, didactive treatise on metrical feet , such as iambs and spondees. Sylloge, , is of interest as casting light on the relations between English and Irish scholars.

Aldhelm wrote a shorter, poetic version of De Laude Virginitatis, which closes with a battle of the virtues against the vices, the De octo principalibus vitiis first printed by Delrio, Mainz, The two works are what is sometimes called an opus geminatum or "twin work". Carmen rhythmicum, rhythmic poem which describes a travel through western England and the way a wooden church was affected by a storm.

Carmina ecclesiastica modern title , i. Aenigmata , hexa metrical riddles, included in the Epistola ad Acircium for purposes of illustration see above ; among the more famous is the riddle entitled Lorica. The first riddle is remarkably contrived, incorporating both an acrostic and telestich , the first letters of each sentence spell out a phrase which is also spelled out by the final letters, only in reverse. Finding his people slow to come to church, he is said to have stood at the end of a bridge singing songs in the vernacular, thus collecting a crowd to listen to exhortations on sacred subjects.

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