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January 10, Let me preface this post with one simple statement: If that sounds harsh, it is meant to. There are tons of free tools at your disposal to monitor your credit, and to think that its ok to just open up card after card and never check what affect it has on your score is ridiculous.

Here is what you should be using: Since they are free, you might as well get both and cross-check them with each other. Better safe than sorry! Since they are both free, I recommend signing up for accounts with both sites. If you are working on getting your score up or just want another reference, definitely use myfico. If you are happy with your score, cancel before you have to pay. If you want to raise your score, keep it open and constantly monitor it.

Can only get your TransUnion and Equifax scores here. How is Your Credit Score Calculated? Before showing you how opening multiple credit cards affected my credit score, its important to know how your score is actually calculated. How your credit score is calculated from myfico. If you have multiple late or missed payments, or a collection on your account, your credit score will suffer. Take care of that first before trying to open up new cards. This is really high, and so your credit score will go down because your utilization ratio is high.

So, how can opening more credit cards actually help your credit score? Each time you open up a new card, you get more available credit. Length of Credit History Your length of credit history is a smaller part of your overall score, but is still one you want to try your best to keep as high as possible.

Pick a few of these cards and keep them open indefinitely. Since you have less credit history to play with, opening up a few and canceling them within a year will have a stronger affect on your average length. Your score will usually bounce back from that within 3 months. Here is what my credit score looks like on both Credit Karma and Credit Sesame as of July 23, , dating back to January when I opened my accounts prior to that, I had only been using myfico.

The Credit Karma one gives us a little better look at what is the usual pattern for most people who open multiple credit cards. After pulling off a 4 card App-o-Rama in April, my score dipped in May when all the cards were reported as being opened to my credit report. After that small dip, it has started to increase since, and has actually risen by about 10 points from where it was before I did my App-o-Rama.

Final Word s 1. You are digging your own grave. Try to find a few cards that you plan to hold on to for a long time to help build your length of credit history. Always pay off your balances in full each month. I thought it would be difficult, take up too much time, blah blah blah. The Champ is Here: Introducing the Chase Ultimate A few days ago, I implored you to start using shopping portals to build up your miles and points balance. The 4 Most Frequently Asked Question But before he was ready to pull the trigger on the cards, he had four very poignant questions regarding an ap

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