Hook up gps

DSC allows mariners to send instant, digitally coded distress calls to the U. Coast Guard and other vessels within transmission range. It also allows selective, digital communication with other DSC-equipped vessels.

A dedicated GPS puck receiver makes good sense for a number of reasons: A dedicated receiver provides redundant position data, independent of other sources. By putting the dedicated GPS receiver on the navigation power bus, you can arrange for it to be on whenever the VHF is on.

The unit requires a regulated 5-volt DC power source in addition to data connections. After selecting your GPS data stream, the next step is hooking everything together. Figure 1 shows the parts mounted in a 1-byinch project box. The small project box holds jacks for the input connectors and the circuit card from a standard USB power supply as well as the interconnections.

If you already have a source of electronic GPS data, then you might be able to connect it to your VHF with something as simple as a custom three-wire cable. The radio includes the displayed location data in any emergency or group DSC transmission. With a little hard work, you too can have the increased safety that comes from including your location with digital calls.

Compared with commercial ways of achieving the same performance, the cost of this do-it-yourself project is miniscule. By doing it yourself you have the satisfaction of knowing how it works and how to fix it.

The VHF plugs in from the left. The lid is left, and the mount plate, right. The green light is the pilot for the interface box. He and his wife, Nan, enjoy trailer sailing their Balboa 8. Johns River and points in between.

Todayís GPS devices are easy to install right out of the box and drivers have no difficulties in using them. Follow these steps to get your GPS up and running. Mar 07, †∑ How to Install a GPS Navigation Antenna (Car Stereo Accessory) | Car Audio Up next HOW TO INSTALL and RHR N MyGIG GPS Navigation Radio - Easy Plug & Play Install!.

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