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Success or hollow hype? I am young 28 gorgeous model professional model who appear in magazines and yes, there are many guys who write to me and I write to them too. First I found out about this site half a year ago. There really were some businessmen there -not totally broke dreamers guys who want to feel themselves a millionaire at least in the internet, but after I stated very clear that they CAN NOT count on sex with me just because they pay for tickets, all of them disappear.

I hope my comment will be read by Brandon and he will improve the website, untill it will go to the higher level and really include the individuals who are serious about the website and not those who use it just to play around. I would recommend him to RAISE the price for membership or create the website where month of membership would cost at least bucks and chose really good looking women there.

Thanks everyone for reading my comment. Thanks Natalia for that insight, interesting indeed. Would be good if more people would share their experiences with the service. Good models usually do all of that and get it for free anyway. I dont see why you joined the site other than to recieve a free ride from any guy that is genuine,obviously most of them will want somthing in return and unfortunatly is usually in the form of sexual favours.

And of course it would be for FREE as you described it as you wouldnt charge would you? I think you think to much of yourself to be honest and was expecting just beutifull people to be on their and you are obviously not aware that you dont have to beutifull to be attractive,personality counts for a lot and you seem to be blinded by your looks to know that.

By the way, have you guys read this story http: That guys profile said he was a sound engineer and he was just an alcoholic with no regular job. I spent a day without eating because he just had vodka and coke in his fridge. I had like 3 skype sessions with him so girls please be sure before doing this. Tell him to send u money or something to prove he is generous, I think asking money is abusive but Idk another way to probe that person is telling the truth.

The only thing that I liked was walking on the mornings on Iceland. I would go back again someday when I finish my studies and have my own money. But never again by this way until someone convince me there is another way you will be sure this person is who says who is. Good luck to everyone xxxxxxx Ghilant Wanted to share my recent experience. Basically what I want to say is that site is full of people who are willing to get in touch and travel.

Stay in touch and report if you ever get yourself out on an actual trip with this site, or any other. Josh Kan already dozens of dating and sadly most of them are fake.

And usually the concepts are boring. Cause its way better to travel with someone then on your own, especially if this someone is smart and attractive. Haha So I ran over a site http: Easy in usage, lots of information and ideas on where to go and what is the most important loads of hotties. But sure I also got lots of girls asking to write to their emails which I think is the first sign of scam. Holidate Hi guys, we recently launched a travel dating site called http: We realised there was something not quite right about being in so many amazing places around the world and not being able to share them with likeminded people so we created Holidate.

Members can search for other members based on their next travel destination or their current location, they can then make contact, share travel information and hopefully arrange a Holidate together. I had done nothing irregular. What a cheeky swindle. I almost fell for a criminal fraudster , man who is hiding in an old shack on an island, is old and creepy looking classic italian mobster Guy, has jet-black eyes, is on-the-run on fake identities and credit card fraud.

A, then why is he in such a daggy shack? He sent me a lot of abuse once I told him about my spiritual relation. He is on miss travel, possibly more sites and looks like this the closest I can get!

Dating, travel, or worse? The truth of Miss Travel. As Internet entrepreneurs search for new profits, the travel sector becomes red hot. The founder, dating website entrepreneur Dating, travel, or worse? The truth of Miss Travel One year later: Success or hollow hype? Users tell their Misstravel experiences. Belo USA Travel Inc. is a U.S. based travel operator. All of our employees are committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients.

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