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July Recap August 3, - The average statewide July temperature was Eleven of the 18 warmest Julys since have occurred in the past 20 years since The average daily maximum temperature across the state was Statewide, August precipitation averaged 5.

It was the wettest August since the record wettest month in As is often seen in the summer, the majority of the precipitation fell in scattered showers and thunderstorms. This resulted in a wide range of monthly totals around the state, with some serious flash flooding occurring in several locations when moisture ladened storms parked themselves over an area for multiple hours.

Where storms missed time and time again, rainfall totals were below average. The northern NJ climate division Hunterdon, Somerset, and Union counties northward saw their 10th wettest August on record, with an average of 8. Since , only August was wetter in this division.

June Recap July 5, - 4: It was drier than average in the north and wetter than usual in the south, with the temperature close to the long-term mean. Fortunately, New Jersey entered the heart of summer with reservoirs full. However, with the onset of an apparent extended period of heat late in the month, it is certainly prudent to conserve water wisely. The June average statewide temperature of This tied with and as the 42nd mildest June on record. This ranks as the 57th driest June, tied with May Summary and Spring Recap June 5, - 5: Most NJ residents did not seem to mind the warmth; rather, from the second week onward, it was the frequent episodes of rain, often targeting weekends, which raised the level of crankiness among many!

Statewide, this was the 5th warmest May since records commenced in Five of the ten warmest Mays have occurred since In most locations, rain fell on at least half of the days of the month. This ranks as the 13th wettest May on record, but 0.

A Slow Green Up: April Summary May 4, - 2: With snow accumulating in a storm on the 2nd to snow showers on the 30th, one was hard pressed to find many days when pleasant spring conditions could be found. However, overall, it was the persistent chill that captured the most attention, with the green up of lawns and foliage, accompanied by the blossoming of spring flowers, delayed from normal by upwards of two weeks.

Statewide, the April average temperature of This ranks as the 28th coolest April since and the chilliest since also April precipitation across NJ averaged 4. This was the 38th wettest April on record. Plentiful precipitation since February has eliminated drought concerns as we enter the summer water consumption season.

Reservoirs and ground water levels are in good shape. However, this never means we should let our guard down and not use water in a responsible manner. March Summary April 7, - 3: This led to two of the larger power outages since Sandy in , numerous traffic accidents, significant tree damage, frequent school closings, and even someone being injured by lightning during a snowstorm. The mildest February by far occurred in The difference between mean periods further illustrates how Februaries in recent decades have been milder overall than earlier in the 20th century.

So does the fact that February was milder than 62 of the past Marches February was milder than 70 Marches. The average statewide rainfall of 5.

The Best On-Campus Executive MBA Programs 1. University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. University of Pennsylvania ranks #1 on The Best On-Campus Executive MBA Programs! The Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team represents Rutgers University in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). Rutgers competes as a member of the East Division of the Big Ten to joining the Big Ten, the team was a member of the American Athletic Conference .

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