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I know which list I prefer. And I know which list I prefer to practice on myself. One that guides your life. One that you lean on when you need something to lean on. I want you to remove it from your head. I want you to hold it in your hand. I want you to close that hand. Now, open that hand. Your most important belief, the belief that guides you, the belief you lean on Why does it seem so hard to change?

A belief that you need them? Some gets read by hundreds. Some gets read by tens. Some gets read by a few. What would happen if I took all of that personally? It allows me to become a better writer. It allows me to become a better person. This is a fact. But imagine being certain about every single minute of every single day of your entire life. How boring would that be? How depressing would that be? In that space is our power to choose our response. How much confidence it gave me? And yet people will find all sorts of excuses to not do this, even though the whole thing takes less time than watching an episode of something on Netflix.

I did this with a friend recently. He wrote down everything that was important to him -- not to his parents, or to his friends, or what he thought should be important to him -- and we put it in order, and we talked about why those things were important to him. He looked at his list and said this to me: Not random people though. The people closest to me. I still thought I needed their permission.

I still thought they needed to wholeheartedly and enthusiastically and irrevocably support my every decision. It was only when I got tired of my own bullshit, and tired of still not living the life I kept daydreaming about, that I actually changed. Never making the same mistake again is real self-awareness. Making the same mistake over and over and over and never moving forward and never becoming who you know you could be?

Does that sound "easier"? And that reality was painful. So I just complained and sulked and took no action. If I accepted it Where would my drive go? How can you expect to ever stop worrying about what other people think of you? How will you ever feel free? Other people are allowed to be who they are, but you have to be who other people want you to be?

If so, where would you write it? Right at the top? When I put other people above me is when I lived by their expectations instead of my own. Well, when I believed I needed it. And because I needed it All I got was frustration, and annoyance, and unhappiness. You have no control over other people so how can it be ok to put anybody else at the top of your list? How can they be more important to you than you are? How can success be overrated?

I guess if you think of success as money, or things, or achievements Success is whatever success is to you. For me, success is choice. Which is similar and different to freedom.

Success is being able to take the time to work hard when I want to. What story do you tell yourself? What could you learn from that? The least you could learn is that you can be all of who you really are. You could learn about what holds you back. You could learn about who you hold back around. How to stop procrastinating, how to stay motivated, how to get over my ex.

All of them have the same answer: They already know that answer. So they need more. Or pulls out in front of me. Or is going too fucking slow. They do these things and I get angry. What good does it do? Surprisingly, it never does. Me getting angry at the person in front never makes them go faster. The first problem was the person in front of me driving slowly.

Depending on how you define "problem". The second problem was me getting angry about the first. Which of those is out of my control? Which of those is within my control? If you numb sadness, you numb happiness. Believing anything else means not believing in reality. How many times do you hold back from really feeling?

How many times do you feel sad, but then stop yourself? How many times do you try your best to avoid feeling sad?

Avoiding feeling sad is the same as avoiding feeling happy. How many of us settle for that pain, rather than the pain of failing at something we do want? So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love. I only know this because this is exactly what I was like. That all women were just like this. I never even considered, never even thought, not for a moment, that maybe, just maybe How could it possibly have been me?

How does that help? Is that a useful belief? How many times have you thought something similar to the following: Where do you think the mind does when you think that? I know where it goes. And self-aware people always like who they are. There have probably been many times. I hope there have. When you knew with your whole heart that it was just the right thing. How did it feel? Because real self-awareness is so much more than knowing who you are.

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