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Thus, it is a tragedy that the keeper logbooks, dating from , went missing from Winter Harbor Lighthouse on Mark Island around Situated just a mile from shore, Winter Harbor Lighthouse was considered a good posting for families. The first keeper of the lighthouse was Frederick Gerrish, who lived in the brown, one-and-a-half story, wood-frame house with his wife Susan and their eight children until , when W.

The keeper to remain the longest at the light was Adelbert C. Leighton to From the nineteen-foot-tall, white, cylindrical, brick tower, a fixed white light beamed forth from a fifth-order Fresnel lens at a focal plane of thirty-seven feet above high water.

For some years, the station also had a fog bell with an automatic striking mechanism. Two years later, a twelve-by-twenty-foot wooden boathouse was built. By August , its official history as a navigational guide was over, having been replaced by a lighted bell buoy set to the southeast of the lighthouse.

His grandson, Chan Noyes was christened on the way to the island. Although Leighton lived in nearby Prospect Harbor until when he passed away at the age of ninety-four , he never returned to Mark Island again after leaving in Bernice wrote two books about the years she and her husband spent on Mark Island: Winter Harbor and Our Island Lighthouse.

In Winter Harbor, she described her first glimpse of the lighthouse: I could not look hard enough or deep enough. I was dreaming of something I had lived, or living something I had dreamed. No matter how often I looked at the rugged shore line and the green of the island where the oil house, the shop, and the boathouse stood, my eyes always came back to trace the outline of the tower and the house. It was the tower I loved most.

It stood with its one small window gleaming faintly and its black lantern silhouetted against the green of thickly wooded Turtle Island half a mile beyond. It seemed to me to be standing like a sentinel before our home, watching everything at sea. Winter Harbor Lighthouse with second dwelling Photograph courtesy U. Coast Guard Bernice also continued the tradition of keeping a log, recording storms and other occurrences, such as a visit by disembodied spirits: They knocked at the back door in a moderate way and talked among themselves as they waited for me to come and open it.

For the next eighteen years, they lived there full time. Alone and abandoned, the lighthouse deteriorated. Duck hunters in their boats would shoot out the tower windows for fun. Although Kean attempted some repairs to the best of his ability, on August 7, , the deed was conveyed to security analyst turned writer and artist William C.

After living on a farm and raising sheep, pigs, and goats for a decade, he learned Mark Island was for sale. Holden found the lighthouse had been practically abandoned for more than ten years when he first stepped foot on the island. All the tower panes were gone, allowing water to pour in and cover the spiral staircase in rust. He even returned the light to the tower in An orange light had to be used to denote that it was a private light, not an official U.

While lying in bed at night, Holden could see the light in the tower without lifting his head and, at times, could hear the voices of ghosts coming from the kitchen below. The lighthouse sold in October to an interior designer from New York City.

Information about lighthouses primarily comes from lighthouse keeper logs, Lighthouse Board reports, and personal accounts in various forms. Thus, it is a tragedy that the keeper logbooks, dating from , went missing from Winter Harbor Lighthouse on Mark Island around Haven features Executive Chef Chad Johnson's, and Chef de Cuisine Courtney Orwig's modern cuisine served in a stylish, relaxed and casual atmosphere.

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