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Due to the proximity of the mountains to the coast, the city has a large gap between its north and south sides, thus providing views of the sea and mountain vistas from almost every part of the city. The coastline is heavily urbanised; most of the land not built up with golf courses has been developed with small residential areas. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the south. Topography[ edit ] Dunes of Artola, the Sierra Blanca in the background There are five geomorphological units: This mountain range has three peaks: La Concha, located further west at 1, m above sea level, Juanar Cross, located eastward within the municipality of Ojen at 1, m above sea level, and the highest, Mount Lastonar, located between the two at 1, metres.

The coast is generally low and sandy beaches that are more extensive further east, between the fishing port and the Cabopino. Despite the intense urbanisation of the coast, it still retains a natural area of dunes, the Artola Dunes Dunas de Artola , at the eastern end of town.

The rivers are short and have very steep banks, so that flash floods are common. The irregularity of rainfall has resulted in intermittent rivers that often run dry in summer; most of the many streams that cross the city have been bridged. The highest peaks of the mountains are occasionally covered with snow, which usually melts in a day or two.

The census counted about 10, people in ; population growth since has been as significant as that of neighboring towns. In , only According to a study by the Association of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol, based on the production of solid waste in , Marbella had a population of about , inhabitants, almost twice that of the population census of From the estimated volume of municipal waste in , the City calculates the population during the summer months at around , people, while official police sources estimated it at about ,, with a peak of up to , people.

Recent discoveries in La Calle Escuelas School Street and other remains scattered throughout the old town testify to a Roman occupation as well. West of the city on the grounds of the Hotel Puente Romano is a small 1st century Roman Bridge over a stream.

Villa Romana on the Rio Verde Green River , the Roman baths at Guadalmina, and the ruins of a Roman villa and an early Byzantine basilica at Vega del Mar, built in the 3rd century and surrounded by a paleo-Christian necropolis, later used as a burial ground by the Visigoths.

All of these further demonstrate a continued human presence in the area. In Roman times, the city was called Salduba Salt City. In the Umayyad fashion [27] they constructed a citadel, the Alcazaba, and a wall to protect the town, [28] which was made up of narrow streets and small buildings with large patios, the most notable buildings being the citadel and the mosque.

The village was surrounded by orchards; its most notable crops were figs and mulberry trees for silkworm cultivation. The current name most likely developed from the name the Arabs gave it: The traveller Ibn Battuta characterised it as "a pretty little town in a fertile district. Peace between the Marinid dynasty and the Nasrid dynasty was achieved with the signing of the Treaty of Marbella on 6 May , by which all the Marinid possessions in Al-Andalus were restored to the Nazarid sultan.

The Catholic Monarchs gave Marbella the title of city and capital of the region and made it a realengo royal protectorate. The Plaza de los Naranjos was built along the lines of Castilian urban design about this time, as well as some of the historical buildings that surround it.

The main door faced north and was protected by a moat with a drawbridge. However, the company did not survive the worldwide economic crisis of , and closed its doors in that year due to the difficulty of finding a market for the magnetite iron ore removed from its mine.

The general population was divided between a small group of oligarchs and the working people, the middle class being practically non-existent. The day after the failed uprising that led to the civil war, several religious buildings were set fire to in Marbella. Only the walls of the Church of St. Ricardo Soriano , Marquis of Ivanrey, moved to Marbella and popularised it among his rich and famous friends.

In he opened it as the Marbella Club , an international resort aimed at movie stars, business executives and the nobility. Both these resorts would be frequented by members of European aristocratic families with famous names: The resort opened to much fanfare in In , Prince Fahd arrived in Marbella from Montecarlo. His entourage used to spend up to 5 million euros a day in Marbella. In the s, Marbella continued as a popular jet set destination.

However, the kidnapping of Melodie Nakachian, the daughter of local billionaire philanthropist Raymond Nakachian and the Korean singer Kimera , focused less-favourable international media scrutiny on Marbella, even though a police raid ultimately freed her. However, critics complained about disregard for the existing urban plan, market speculation and environmental predation by developers; the regional Andalusian government suspended some development.

Gil despised town-hall formalities, instead ruling from his office at the Club Financiero, and cultivated a maverick image. In , Gil was convicted of embezzling public funds and falsifying public documents. Landmarks and places of interest[ edit ] Map of the old town with its main buildings Old Town Casco Antiguo [ edit ] The old town of Marbella includes the ancient city walls and the two historical suburbs of the city, the Barrio Alto, which extends north, and the Barrio Nuevo, located to the east.

The ancient walled city retains nearly the same layout as in the 16th century. Here is the Plaza de los Naranjos, an example of Castilian Renaissance design, its plan laid out in the heart of Old Town after the Christian reconquest. Ermita del Santo Cristo One of the highlights of the Barrio Alto is the Ermita del Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz Hermitage of the Holy Christ of the True Cross , built in the 15th century and enlarged in the 18th century, which consists of a square tower with a roof covered by glazed ceramic tiles.

The Barrio Alto is also known as the San Francisco neighborhood, after a Franciscan convent formerly located there. The so-called Nuevo Barrio New Town , separated from the walled city by the Arroyo de la Represa, has no monumental buildings but retains its original layout and much of its character in the simple whitewashed houses with their tiled roofs and exposed wooden beams, orchards and small corrals.

The Golden Mile is divided into two parts by a motorway that runs through it. Along the motorway are strings of business centres, five-star hotels, golf course and other services.

The beachside of the motorway is fully developed, while the mountain side is still undergoing development.

On the mountainside of the motorway, the following residential areas are currently being developed: Home to many Golf Courses it is also known as Golf Valley.

The bullring by Centro Plaza marks the entrance to Nueva Andalucia where the villas and apartments are based on traditional Andalusian architecture and design. Next to San Pedro, near the mouth of the river Guadalmina, are some of the most important archaeological sites in Marbella: A series of domestic structures built behind the city walls, and corresponding to these different stages of occupation recorded in the archaeological sequence of the site, characterise the settlement as being fortified.

A hoard of three pots filled with silver coins of mostly Hispano-Carthaginian origin, and numerous pieces of precious metalwork, along with clippings and silver ingots, all dating from the 3rd century BC, were found here.

Beaches[ edit ] The beach-front in Marbella The 27 kilometres 17 miles of coastline within the limits of Marbella is divided into twenty-four beaches with different features; however, due to expansion of the municipality, they are all now semi-urban. They generally have moderate surf, golden or dark sand ranging through fine, medium or coarse in texture, and some gravel.

The occupancy rate is usually high to midrange, especially during the summer months, when tourist arrivals are highest. Amongst the various notable beaches are Artola beach, situated in the protected area of the Dunas de Artola, and Cabopino, one of the few nudist beaches in Marbella, near the port of Cabopino. Politics and administration[ edit ] Political administration of the municipal government is run by the Ayuntamiento City Hall , whose members are elected every four years.

The electoral roll is composed of all residents registered in Marbella who are over age 18 and a citizen of Spain or one of the other member states of the European Union. More than 79 companies and 85 individuals were implicated in the initial corruption scandal for which Roca had been released from prison upon paying a , euro fine , and an additional fifty persons and more companies were convicted in June After a short period of interim government, municipal elections were held in May Forty of the 95 accused were found not guilty by the Malaga court.

At the height of his wealth he was one of the richest men in Andalucia, having accumulated several hotels, ranches with more than thoroughbred horses and fighting bulls, a private jet, a helicopter, 14 vintage cars, 5 kilos of jewellery and a piece art collection including Miro paintings.

Although the city expanded its workforce from employees in to 3, in , under the GIL administrations Marbella paid neither social security contributions nor taxes for its employees. Hundreds of the poorly built apartments and homes, many sold to expatriate British and Irish retirees, face demolition as hazardous. Investigating magistrate Miguel Angel Torres Segura, who led the investigations through , was promoted to the criminal court in Granada.

This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Its business sector consisted of 17, establishments in , representing a total of Compared to the rest of Andalusia, the volume of production in Marbella is higher than that of most other municipalities with similar population, ranking even above the capitals of Almeria, Huelva and Jaen. The main branches of the service sector are hospitality, real estate and business services, which fact underscores the importance of tourism in the Marbella economy.

Meanwhile, the construction, industrial and agriculture sectors account for The number of business establishments in the service sector accounts for Of these companies, In a study by the Institute of Statistics of Andalusia IEA based on 14 variables income, equipment, training, etc. According to the results of the study, Marbella ranks highest in the number of private clinics, sports facilities and private schools. According to its developer, the future resort "is to be the most luxurious in the country" and will be run by an international hotel chain.

Explore Marbella holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | The Costa del Solís bastion of bling is, like most towns along this stretch of coast, a two-sided coin. Standing centre stage in the tourist showroom is the 'Golden Mile', a conspicuously extravagant collection of star-studded clubs, shiny restaurants and expensive hotels stretching as far as Puerto Banus, the. Who is she dating right now? Millie Bobby Brown is currently single.. Relationships. Millie Bobby Brown has been in a relationship with Jacob Sartorius ( - ).. About. Millie Bobby Brown is a 14 year old British Actress. Born on 19th February, in Marbella, Andalusia, Spain, she is famous for Stranger Things.

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