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February 10, 5: Share February 10, 5: Score corinaw April 28, 3: I worked in the OEM group reporting to the director and programed in SQL and become very proficient with windows operations. I noticed what I thought was virus starting with filezilla a website file transfer program - aka ftp April 10 when critical files were accessed on my web host.

Using wireshark I discovered the following: The malware I had on my home network emulated a windows server and told all the computers on the same network that they were clients and reporting as a workstation to this malware induced local network "server". Then basically rerouted all my home PCs to report to some server in china.

All my personal documents were transferred. The 8th or so PC was in my home office, not connected to the network at all, but powered on. Approx 3 days later I reviewed the event viewer and Wireshark and could see that this brand new Toshiba home PC was infected! The problem I soon discovered was with windows server 8 and 12 smb protocol. Sorry not a short story I have a pile of dead hardware, even a mouse or keyboard can spread the virus I caught instantly.

Security is 1 and my eyes have been opened. Just a word to the wise.. I hope this helps someone. Score rebamo September 30, We 1st noticed that the router used for U-verse tv began acting unusual until it finally stopped working and when I contacted the carrier, ATT, they said that it had been blacked out so they were unable to see the exact history of events.

We had a new 1 sent. Finally the next 1 was brought to my home so they could install it. The man installing my new router changed a setting that created a log that could be viewed by myself and ATT. ATT was of no help stating they could not help me in identifying Ip addresses or investigating. Disappointed to say the least.

Around the same time the 3 of us that remain in the home began experiencing odd things with our cell phones. The 3 finally became inoperable. I own the 5 and continuously power off and remove the battery, only using when necessary. My boyfriend had the 3 and has gone through 8 other newer Galaxys and atleast 5 non smart or android devices.

He owns a business and is taking a major hit. We have both bought pay as you go phones, which are fine as long as we turn off all data. I want to mention we have also had 5 laptops, 3 of which were new crash within a day of purchase, and our home pc. I greatly appreciate any help. Score mjslakeridge September 30, 1: You stated that even wiping the hard drives did not get rid of the virus. Did you just re-format the drives or use some software that truly writes over the data several times?

If wiping the drive did not get rid of the virus, are there other places on the computer that the virus could live? Maybe in the BIOS chip? I am not questioning your efforts or expertise, but after reading your post, I had these questions. You are much more advanced in this area than I am.

I had a virus that kept resurfacing even after Windows Defender supposedly removed it. I ended up putting in a new C drive and restoring from an image created a month or so before I noticed the virus.

Score corinaw August 2, 7: I received a PM from someone asking me a few questions about my experience. Have you folks checked out wikileaks. These items seem to be part of what got me. I had turned it off. But Wikileaks has pretty much I pray saved US.

The usb drives would lie about their storage capacity and had a hidden payload. So this is all coming to a head now I had discovered that I was hacked up to my eyeballs. My skype account was set to allow all incoming connections, and was linked to my microsoft account which was also set up to load all my contacts from skype and messenger and android.

Now that msft is removing smb protocol in the fall creators update, samsung is not going to ship their phones with knox any longer and msft making some changes I have hope again. But I have tossed everything.

The cherry blossom hack reprogrammed my comcast router so many times I was there every week to get a new one. Now the FCC has sent me a box that is monitoring my internet. MSFT and Google are still checking my accounts. That MSFT and Google allow aliases, Facebook still has vulnerabilities and my Android phone was so hacked it took 6 hours to boot up when I got a new one because verizon stored 6 months of messages on their servers and it took hours to download all those malformed MMS messages which cracked the kernel.

My life has not been very fun for quite some time, but this is almost over. The win 10 default settings are ridiculous. There are rogue access points in my neighborhood, people are either infected themselves, or doing it on purpose. They will include it in the fall creators update as well.

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