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Sir thank you so much for being here. Also with us here tonight and it is with great pleasure to have Rev Fr. Martin for going out of your way to be with us.

I hope I did not miss out anyone. If I did, please be so kind to remind me. Entrance of the Bride and Groom At this point I assume that everyone has settled down and we are all ready to welcome the newlyweds.

May I request our lovely Matron of Honor, Ms. Sarah Vercide to please facilitate the welcoming party for our newlyweds. Tonight calls for a grand celebration and it is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time Wendell and Ivy as husband and wife. So without any further ado, let us all rise and give our warmest welcome to Mr. Music Maestro Newlyweds enters the hall Background Music: Congratulations Wendell and Ivy and best wishes to both of you. We wish you to be blessed with a long and happy life together with your future children So there you have it ladies and gentlemen our new lovely couple.

Let us again give them a big round of applause. The bride wishes to convey her gratitude to Ms. Dornie Lapiz for the beautiful gown that she made. Lapiz please stand to be recognized. Emcee waits for Ms.

Lapiz to stand up before saying Let us give her a big hand for a job well done. The gown is an adapted design of Titania from Rivendell Bridal. We would also like to thank Ms. Sheila Auman for sponsoring the bridal entourage attire. Auman thank you so much.

Let us also give her a big hand. Dove Release The bride and groom will now do the dove release. May I request the newly weds to please come forward and each get a dove. The newlyweds would like to thank Ms. Rowena Vercide and Mr. Adonis Fernandez for providing us with this beautiful pair of doves. While Newlyweds comes forward and prepare for the dove release, Baclground music starts playing and Emcee say the following The two doves signify Wendell and Ivy being released to start a new journey together.

Like the two pairs of dove, whatever happens they will always try to seek the comfort of each other and their home together. This is where they know that they will find love A dove always choose one mate for life, and signify love, faithfulness, joy, and hope, Wendell and Ivy are now ready so we will now release the doves. At the count of three release the doves. Ready when you are. That was really beautiful.

For tonight marks the beginning of their new life together. From this day forward they shall be one, and on this joyful beginning what could be more fitting than to celebrate it with their First Dance. The First Dance is symbolic of the consummation of their wedding vows. Newlyweds dances their First Dance Background Music: Thank you Wendell and Ivy, Let us once again give them a big round of applause. Grace Before Meals Well I guess the food is now ready and dinner will commence shortly.

May I call on Rev. Patrick Martin to say the grace before meals. Martin comes forward to say grace before meals Dinner Thank you Fr. So there you have it ladies and gentleman.

You are all hereby invited to partake dinner. You may now get your food at the buffet table. Please enjoy your meal. And always, "ladies first" We would like to thank Mr. Victor Seville for our roasted pork and Ms. Sarah Vercide and Mrs. James Chapman for the roasted calf. Nicolas Auman for the fruits. Sir, Madam, Thank you so much for your generosity.

Table Hopping for Souvenir Pictures May I have your attention please, I guess by now everyone had their fill of our sumptuous food prepared by Chateau de Busay. Victor Millora for the wonderful accommodation and service that they are providing us here. The newlyweds would also like to say a special thank you to Mr. Arnold Arcilla for supervising in the physical arrangement of our reception. At this point the newlyweds would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone personally for your presence.

Wendell and Ivy will now go from one table to another to greet each and everyone and to have their souvenir picture taking with their guests. Simultaneously, our Matron of Honor assisted with some members of the bridal entourage will be distributing the wedding giveaways and will be routing the guest book so please stand by in your seats. We have here a beautiful wedding cake courtesy of Dr. Maria Janet Porcia and Mr. Sir , Madam, thank you so much. May I mow request Wendell and Ivy to do the honors of cutting the wedding cake.

Newlyweds comes forward to cut the cake. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the cake has been cut. May I now request the waiters to please serve the cake to our guests. Waiters serves the cake to the guest. Let us now bring out the good wine and pour them to our glasses. We would like to thank Mr. Gabriel Centenera for providing us with the wine… thank you Sir. Ladies and gentlemen, it takes a strong and intelligent man to realize his dreams and achieve his goals in life and love.

A man that is not afraid to live life to its fullest and embrace what is truly important. Best Man raises his glass and addresses the newlyweds as he speaks Ivy you look wonderful. Wendell is lucky to have found such a wonderful gal to share his life with. Guys, I wish you both peace and happiness in your new life together and may God bless your union. Best Man still raising his glass and addresses the guests as he speaks Everyone let us all stand and raise your glasses and join me in toasting Wendell and Ivy.

Everyone makes a toasts and drinks from their glasses Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you may now be seated. Well Wishes from Family and Friends It is said that our parents are our first teachers having raised us patiently from childhood to adulthood.

They have been our source of comfort, support and inspiration. We would like to call on the Mother of the Bride, Dr. Heidi Doncillo to say a few words of wisdom and Best Wished to our newlyweds Dr.

Heidi Doncillo-Centenera comes forward to convey her Best Wishes to the newlyweds Thank you so much Madam for that inspiring message. And now we would like to call on the Father of the Groom, Mr.

Nicolas Auman to say a few words of wisdom to our newlyweds. Nicolas Auman comes forward to convey his Best Wishes to the newlyweds Thank you sir. In behalf of our male principal sponsors, we would like to call on Mr. James Chapman to say a few words to Wendell and Ivy. James Chapman comes forward to convey his Best Wishes to the newlyweds Thank you sir. Last but certainly not the least, we now call on Dr. Janet Porcia comes forward to convey her Best Wishes to the newlyweds Thank you Madam, and thank you all Bouquet Throw Ok now let us all have some fun and its time for the traditional Bouquet Throw.

At this point we would like to request all the single ladies to please come forward for the bouquet throw. We would also like to request the bride to come forward and take her place center stage.

Emcee motions and waits for all single ladies to come forward Ladies kindly take your place behind the bride and be prepared to catch the bouquet.

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