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This step performs actions depending on whether it uses an OS image or an OS upgrade package. Extract the contents of the specified. Prepare the answer file: Create a new default Windows Setup answer file sysprep. Merge any values from the user-supplied answer file. Copy Windows boot loaders into the active partition.

Create a fresh answer file with standard values created by Configuration Manager. Properties On the Properties tab for this step, configure the settings described in this section. Apply operating system from a captured image Installs an OS image that you captured. Click Browse to open the Select a package dialog box.

Then select the existing image package you want to install. If multiple images are associated with the specified Image package, select from the drop-down list the associated image to use for this deployment. You can view basic information about each existing image by clicking on it. Apply operating system image from an original installation source Installs an OS using an OS upgrade package, which is also an original installation source. Then select the existing OS upgrade package you want to use.

You can view basic information about each existing image source by clicking on it. The results pane at the bottom of the dialog box displays the associated image source properties. If there are multiple editions associated with the specified package, use the drop-down list to select the Edition you want to use. Use an unattended or sysprep answer file for a custom installation Use this option to provide a Windows setup answer file unattend. The file you specify can include any of the standard configuration options supported by Windows answer files.

For example, you can use it to specify the default Internet Explorer home page. Specify the package that contains the answer file and the associated path to the file in the package. The Setup Windows and ConfigMgr step substitutes the variable string for the actual value of the variable. Destination Configure one of the following options: Use the next sequential partition not already targeted by an Apply Operating System or Apply Data Image step in this task sequence.

Specific disk and partition: Select the Disk number starting with 0 and the Partition number starting with 1. Specific logical drive letter: This drive letter can be different from the drive letter assigned by the newly deployed OS. Logical drive letter stored in a variable: Specify the task sequence variable containing the drive letter assigned to the partition by Windows PE.

This variable is typically set in the Advanced section of the Partition Properties dialog box for the Format and Partition Disk task sequence step.

Options Besides the default options, configure the following additional settings on the Options tab of this task sequence step: Access content directly from the distribution point Configure the task sequence to access the OS image directly from the distribution point. For example, use this option when you deploy operating systems to embedded devices that have limited storage capacity.

When selecting this option, also configure the package share settings on the Data Access tab of the OS image properties.

Note This setting overrides the deployment option that you configure on the Distribution Points page in the Deploy Software Wizard. This override is only for the OS image that this step specifies, not for all task sequence content. Apply Windows Settings Use this step to configure the Windows settings for the destination computer. The task sequence stores these values in the appropriate answer file. This task sequence step runs only in Windows PE.

Use the following task sequence variables with this step:

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