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I pulled this booked out of my mailbox at 4 pm yesterday and started reading it when I posted the picture while I waited for an event to start. So I picked up my book yesterday and I read it this morning in about an hour and a half!

When I look at where I am and I watch your videos, I am inspired and motivated to keep pushing towards where I want to be in all areas of my life especially marriage. After going through years of depression, low self esteem and suicidal thoughts, sometimes its surreal to be in this place. I just want to say thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being real about your journey.

Thank you for giving single women across the world hope that God is faithful to His word! Your book has surely kept me captivated these last 3 days because it speaks directly to my heart. So thank you for following your purpose and inspiring others to follow theres as well. Ashley explores what it means to transition from unhealthy patterns of dating to dating with a purpose. After going through a life-altering breakup, Ashley made a decision to do things differently.

Ashley shares a sweet and simple truth that you do not have to adopt the negative generational patterns of your past, but that you can become the change you hope to see. With refreshing authenticity and fierce encouragement, Ashley will help you: I felt like you were speaking to me directly.

I love the conversational tone and the sincerity of your words. Thanks for writing a beautiful story. This was so relatable.

Upon opening it I began to read in 1 hour I finished it!! Thank you SO much for your obedience in writing this book. It was amazing to read your God given story and I closed the book truly empowered! The biggest boost was the chapter on the "Singles Bucket List"!

I read your book "Dating With Purpose" in one hour and I received it today! It was so touching and inspiring! Im at a loss for words.

I cannot wait to see how God writes my love story! Thanks for being obedient and writing the book! It was hard for me to put down and I was finally able to really get into it on my vacation trip for my graduation! I had to write you and let you know that you are such an inspiration to me and that I can relate to a lot of your experiences!

I thank you for sharing your journey, your wisdom and most importantly, your transparency! Also, I loved your bucket list and I have written 40 of my own this morning and the list will continue to grow! Will keep in touch and let you know if my progress!!!

She works daily to change the tone of the conversation about marriage and relationships around the world. She is the creator and host of "Dating with Purpose," a popular series and movement that promotes pursuing healthy relationships with God at the center. Ashley is happily married to Carrington Brown, her strongest advocate and partner in business and together they have a beautiful daughter.

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